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DSE5520 Generator control panel

Brief introduction:

Generator control panel DSE5520Deep Sea controller DSE5520 The DSE5520 is an automatic mains failure control modul designed to provide advanced load share func...MORE >>

Classification:deepsea controller

Size:20X15X10 cm




Generator control panel DSE5520

Deep Sea controller DSE5520 


The DSE5520 is an automatic mains failure control modul designed to provide advanced load share functionlity for diesel and gas generating sets that include non-electronic and electronic engines. The module aslo provides excellent engine monitoring and protection features. The modules also share functions include, automatic synchronising with built in synchroscope and closing onto dead bus.Direct and flexible outputs from the module are provided to allow connection to the most commonly used speed governors and automatic voltage regulator. The module has been designed to combine a maximum of 16 generators and 16 mains (utility)supplies up to a maximum of 20 in one system,e.g.16 generators and 4 mains(utility)supplies(DSE5560 required to synchronise with the mains). The module has the ability to monitor under/over generator volts, over current, under/over generator freqyency, under speed, over speed, charge fail, emergency stop, low oil pressure, high engine temperature, fail to start, low/high DC battery volts, fail to stop, generator short circuit protection, reverse power, generator phase rotation error, earth fault protection, loss of speed signal, fail to open, fail to close, out of sync and MPU open circuit failure, negative phase sequence and loss of excitation.

Main Features

• ROCOF & vector shift
• Automatic starting & stopping of generator on load demand
• Dead bus sensing
• Module has the ability to interface with existing load share lines
• Direct communication from the module to the governor and AVR
• Link up to 16 generators
• Volts & frequency matching
• KW and Kvar load sharing with multiple generators


• Electronic engine capability
• RS232 or RS485 remote communications
• Modbus RTU
• Pin number protected front panel programming
• Engine exercise timer
• Back-lit LCD 4-line text display
• Multiple language options
• Voltage measurement
• Configurable inputs (9)
• Configurable outputs (5)
• Automatic start
• Manual start
• Audible alarm
• LED indicators
• Built-in governor and AVR control for easy operation and panel engineering
• Engine history event log
• Engine protection
• Fault condition notification to a designated PC
• Front panel mounting
• PC configuration
• Mains (utility) failure detection
• Configurable alarm timers
• Configurable start & stop timers
• Automatic load transfer
• SMS alert messaging
• Multi set communications
• Front panel mounting
• Remote control and monitoring


• Sends SMS messages to engineers to notify specific engine problems (GSM Modem and SIM card required)
• On-site and remote module configuration
• In-built engine diagnostics removes the requirement for service equipment
• Full engine protection & instrumentation without the need for additional senders (Electronic engines only)
• Remote monitoring of the module using comprehensive DSE PC software
• License-free PC software
• No-break return capability


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